Snatch Manual


The Juggernaut Snatch Manual includes:

-Complete progression and tutorial for learning the Snatch

-Complete Beginners program

-Breathing and bracing drills

-Mobility and Stability Drills for the shoulders, hips, and ankles

-Complete solutions for addressing a variety of technical errors

-How to design and build a program that addresses your weakness

-Programming for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Athletes

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The Juggernaut Snatch Manual takes a comprehensive look at developing strength and technique in the Snatch. Max Aita, Head Coach of Team Juggernaut Weightlifting, has guided 4 lifters to Senior American Records in the Snatch since 2016 and will help you improve your Snatch in this book. Max covers warmups, technique development, program design and fixes to common technical pitfalls.