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The Renaissance Diet 2.0

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What you’ll get is:

1) 1 Excel Spreadsheet, that comes with 9 tabs within it. Instead of just the fat loss portion of the diet, our new and improved templates also have updated maintenance tabs for a successful return to normal metabolism after you reach your diet goals. There are NINE tabs within the Excel spreadsheet, including pictures of serving sizes and our quick tips for starting the program!

2) An Evening Hunger Diet Template FAQ. This will help answer basic questions you may have about the diet, and we recommend reading this very thoroughly BEFORE starting your diet. We have created an incredibly comprehensive FAQ from our past experiences in seeing client questions and we’re very confident this document will cover almost all of questions that you may have about the diet.

3) A “How To” document to walk you through the implementation of the templates to get the results you are looking for. This is a MUST READ before starting the diet.

4) We have also attached a document that explains the logic of the Evening Hunger Templates in more detail, giving you a glimpse into the science behind them.

We’d love to be able to answer questions about your individual diet template, but unfortunately due to our limited availability and commitment to our direct-interaction clients, we’re unable to answer personalized questions about the templates. But if you’re the independent type, we think you’ll benefit GREATLY from this product. We have attached a how-to guide, and a common questions list along with TONS of useful documents in the files section of the RP Clients group on Facebook.

We’re very proud of our RP Evening Hunger Templates and we stand by their effectiveness. If you like them too but would like to experience the benefits of direct consultation by an incredibly qualified industry expert, please send us an email and let us know. We’re always taking on new clients.


1) Who are these templates for?

Anyone who wants to lose weight or fat but keep hunger cravings down. If you’re a fitness enthusiast or just someone trying to get in shape, they are perfect for you. If you’re a high level athlete and want to lose fat while training very hard and you’re already lean, our best advice is for you to weigh your options. Our performance diet templates are geared for optimal results for high level athletes, but there are no promises on hunger cravings. If you can hack the diet without going too crazy, stick with those. If the hunger gets so bad that you’re having trouble sleeping or sticking to the diet, the hunger templates are your best bet. If you’re just trying to get in shape and dieting is tough, these are the templates for you. Most people fall into this category. If you’re looking for elite performance in physique or sport, the performance templates or 1 on 1 coaching are your best options.

2) What are the main differences between these templates and the normal RP diet templates?

The Evening Hunger Templates have numerous unique features, but some of the most prominent are:

– More protein

– More meals at night

– More food in each meal at night

– Less carbs and fat

– More green veggies

– No workout shakes

3) Why no emphasis on intra workout nutrition?

While workout shakes can give a small advantage to recovery and muscle sparing, they don’t suppress hunger very well, and a ton of calories you could have eaten (and gotten full from) are used up in liquid form instead. Additionally, most people are not actually hungry during and post-workout because of the stress hormones released during training. By removing the shake, we free up food you can eat at other times, times that have a bigger effect on suppressing hunger. The downside to this on performance and muscle loss is very small, and for almost all individuals it will not even occur. But the upside is that the lower hunger levels will allow you to express much better consistency on the diet and you can lose the weight you want.

4) Will I see good results with these?

Absolutely. We wouldn’t have designed them for any other purpose. They are custom-built to cause fat and weight loss if they’re followed properly. We don’t design worthless fad products at RP, so you can bet everything we put out is designed to work and work well.