Powerbuilding 1 on 1

Juggernaut Training Systems is home to some of the best coaches and athletes in Powerlifting and we want to help enhance your training. Our 1 on 1 Level program is our most involved and personalized level of online coaching.

Minimum Commitment

Pay every 4 weeks: 3 months

Pay yearly: 1 year

If you are not entirely satisfied with your coaching in the first 3 weeks please contact us to cancel your subscription.


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Your Coaches

Chad Wesley Smith

Chad Wesley Smith
JTS Founder

Chad is the owner and founder of Juggernaut Training Systems, as well as being one of the most highly regarded strength coaches and athletes of the modern era.

 Marisa Inda

Marisa Inda
Coach / Athlete

Marisa Inda is one of the most celebrated female strength athletes in the World today. With a long athletic history as a gymnast and bodybuilder, Inda has risen to the highest ranks in powerlifting.

Brandon Senn

Brandon Senn

Brandon has served athletes of all levels as a professional strength coach since 2012. Brandon coached multiple All-Time World Record holders in his role as Head Coach at Kabuki Strength and created the Kabuki Movement System and Training Philosophy in his role as Vice President of Coaching & Education.

Frequently Asked Questions

All of our coaches are experienced and capable with coaching lifters of all ability levels, male or female, training for competition or for their own personal goals. Each coach has more info about them personally in their coaching page.

Your coach is here to serve you, you can contact them daily if needed about video review, questions regarding your program, strategy for competition, etc

All of the coaches philosophies are based on the principles that guide Juggernaut Training Systems and manipulating the principles application to what is appropriate for the individual.

While we don’t employ a group coaching strategy, Juggernaut is a team and a collaboration with all coaches knowing that we have available resources to help a client in an area where they may not be as well versed themselves.

Juggernaut 1 on 1 Coaching is handled through the TrueCoach App.

Yes, there is. However please be aware some coaches can be booked up for many months.

Videos are generally best shot from ¾ angle, ie. halfway between the front and side, unless otherwise specified by your coach. Please remember to trim your videos too, so that you aren’t sending videos of you walking up to the bar, putting on your belt, etc. The more thoughtful feedback you can provide about how you’re responding to the program, the better, as your coach will be able to tailor more specifically to your needs.