Beginner’s Guide to Weightlifting

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The Beginner’s Guide to Weightlifting was created to provide a comprehensive tutorial for people looking to begin their journey into weightlifting.




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The Beginner’s Guide to Weightlifting was created to provide a comprehensive tutorial for people looking to begin their journey into weightlifting. We want to take alleviate the intimidation and confusion that may be holding you back from beginning your training. The Beginner’s Guide to Weightlifting provides all the necessary guidance for someone who is new to strength training to begin Weightlifting on the right foot.

Included in The Beginner’s Guide to Weightlifting are:

-Warmup Tutorials to help your specific mobility for Weightlifting

-In Depth Technique Tutorials for the Snatch, Clean & Jerk, Squat and Front Squat.

-Troubleshooting Tips for Common Technique Mistakes

-12 Week, 3x/week Training Plan with Accompanying Video Demo/Tutorial for Every Exercise and Every Session

-Access to a private Beginner’s Guide to Weightlifting Facebook Group to help you along your Pursuit of Strength


  1. stephen.spriggs (verified owner)

    Although I have only completed two weeks of the Beginners Guide to Weightlifting, I think it is so worth the money. It has provided me with the technical direction I needed. I can already feel myself gaining confidence in the three lifts. I will definitely be purchasing other programs from Juggernaut. I look forward to reaching my goals through this club.

  2. Yadana Aung (verified owner)

    This is what I have been looking for! I wanted to switch my general strength training to Olympic-style weightlifting but I didn’t know where to look. After browsing instagram for like a month, I stumbled upon the JTS account and then I found this awesome product on the website. It contains the basics of weightlifting and a great program to get started on my weightlifting journey! I am currently on block 1 and I am very much enjoying the sessions. It boosts my confidence in training knowing that I am doing each exercise with the correct forms because of the detailed videos in the book. I really like Max Aita because the way he explains each drill is easy for me to understand and follow. That really helps me with correcting my forms every time I feel like I am not lifting right. I’m telling you this is really helpful for someone like me who is from a country where there is no weightlifting coach. I am already considering to subscribe to the JTS Weightlifting A.I in the future all because of the quality content this book gives me. Highly recommend for those who are curious about what weightlifting is like and/or would like to get started in weightlifting. 👍

  3. andy.wong (verified owner)

    Fortunate to own a barbell and some weight prior to pandemic. I did crossfit for a few years but never really worked on olympic lifting techniques. So far I am enjoying the programming and the detailed video instructions that guide me through each day. I had snatch and clean goals in the past that I never achieved. With each week I am feeling more confident in achieving these goals. Highly recommended!

  4. Benjamin Schneider (verified owner)

    Perfect for People new to weightlifting.
    Well explained tutorials (Video Format), an easy to follow beginner plan that focuses on technique and a short FAQ section. Worth its price.

  5. Darryl Nelson (verified owner)

    Great book. Easy to follow and understand. It will give you the technical information necessary to start out Olympic lifting.

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