Build a physique to match your strength with our Powerbuilding programs that combine maximal strength with a greater attention to hypertrophy training and assistance work.


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  • Individualized programming that continues to adapt based on your input
  • Suitable for any level
  • Suitable for any training cycle
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Guided A.I.

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  • Totally customized programming designed for your unique experience, abilities and goals.
  • Pick the coach you want to work with
  • Weekly checkups with your coach to discuss progress and adjust training.
  • Billed automatically every 4 weeks
  • Video database
  • 20% discount on books, merch and templates

Online Consultation

Struggling with your programming or technique? Chad Wesley Smith and Max Aita are here to help. Utilize Chad or Max's extensive experience in coaching for Powerlifting, Weightlifting, SuperTotal, Strongman and Sports Performance to help you clarify these issues.

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Powerbuilding Articles

Brandon Arthur Meet Recap

Brandon Arthur Meet Recap

Longtime JuggernautAI user breaks through the 700# Squat barrier!

Marisa Inda IPF Worlds Recap

Marisa Inda IPF Worlds Recap

Marisa Inda discusses her final powerlifting meet.

USAPL Mega Nationals Recap

USAPL Mega Nationals Recap

Amanda Lacass has another great meet, finishing 9/9 at USAPL Nationals

Podium Performance at USAPL Nationals

Podium Performance at USAPL Nationals

PRs across the board for Kate Cohen at USAPL Nationals

How To Design A Squat Program

How To Design A Squat Program

CWS goes DEEP on squat training design.

Kristin Estes Meet PR

Kristin Estes Meet PR

A PR Day for Kristin Estes at USPA Drug Tested Nationals

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