Andy Huang

Coach / athlete

Andy is a powerlifting coach, personal trainer, and neuromuscular therapist currently operating out of  Southern California. For the last 11 years he has combined both his formal education and his firsthand experience to help countless individuals build confidence in themselves by growing stronger, transforming their bodies, and improving their overall health and well being. Andy prides himself on being a very straight forward coach who is very thorough, detail orientated and committed to treating all of his clients with the same level of responsive coaching and detailed guides to help them achieve their goals.

– Certifications from NASM, Poliquin Performance, CHEK Institute, Active Isolated Stretching, St Johns Neuromuscular Therapy, and various other forms of massage modalities.
– Champion Bodybuilder
– Currently ranked 2nd in the World in the 125kg/275# Weightclass
-382.5kg/843# Squat in Sleeves
-237.5kg/523# Bench
-382.5kg/843# Deadlift
-995kg/2193# Total

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