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Are You Ready To Become Unstoppable?

Juggernaut Webinars are a unique opportunity for coaches and athletes around the World to learn from Team Juggernaut and other top coaches. Juggernaut webinars will happen on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month from 6-8PM EST with a rotating cast of presenters.

Some Juggernaut Webinars will be a traditional lecture and Q&A format as experts in the field discuss important topics, like Programming, Nutrition and Energy System Training, to help you and your athletes better reach your goals. Other Webinars will take you inside the gym with some of the World’s strongest athletes as they coach various lifts, discuss training the lifts and answer your questions-you’ll be able to see how they cue the lifter and learn why they give the coaching points they do.

The Juggernaut Webinars are $15 for JTSstrength.com Members (Become a Member!) and $25 for non-members. Each Webinar is limited to 50 participants. Each person will be able to submit up to 3 questions in advance that the speaker will go through and pick the most popular questions. You’ll also be able to ask questions during the live feed for the webinar to clarify any points you need clarification on.

Colin Burns will be presenting on August 6th on The Snatch. Reserve your spot now!

Colin Burns will be presenting on August 6th on The Snatch. Reserve your spot now!

Check out this schedule of upcoming Juggernaut Webinars…

  • August 6th:Chad Wesley Smith on Program Design.
  • August 20: Webinar with Colin Burns on The Snatch. Learn More and Register!
  • September 3rd:Brandon Lilly on The Bench Press. Register Here!
  • September 17th:Josh Thigpen and Zack McVey on Nutrition for Strength. Register Here!
  • October 1st:TBA
  • October 15th:TBA
  • November 5th:Molly Galbraith on Dynamic Warmups. Register Here!
  • November 19th:Ryan Brown on TBA. Register Here!
  • December 3rd:Dan Green on The Deadlift. Register Here!
  • December 17th:Jacob Tsypkin on The Clean & Jerk. Register Here!