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Clinics & Seminars

Clinics & Seminars

Are You Ready To Become Unstoppable?

If you wanna be the best, you need to be coached by the best! Juggernaut Clinics are a great way to get specialty coaching from the World’s Strongest Team! Juggernaut Clinics are one day (3-4 hour) events that will cover Powerlifting, Weightlifting, Strongman, and Mobility with a rotating cast of coaches who are experts in their field.

Powerlifting Clinics

Juggernaut Powerlifting Clinics are 4 hour events, combining hands on coaching, lecture and Q&A to help improve all aspects of your training for the big 3. Whether your a beginner or a World Class lifter, Team Juggernaut athletes will build your technique, show you the best accessory movements to address YOUR weakpoints and answer your programming questions to help you put pounds on your lifts today! Staff at Juggernaut Powerlifting Clinics are among the best raw powerlifters in the World, including Brandon Lilly, Chad Wesley Smith, Dan Green, Caitlyn Trout, Blaine Sumner, Corey Hayes and Sam Byrd.

Weightlifting Clinics

Juggernaut Weightlifting Clinics are designed to help any level of lifter improve, during these 4 hour events with hands on coaching, Q&A and lecture. Colin Burns (PanAm team member), Donovan Ford (World Championships team member), Anthony Pomponio, Ariel Stephens and more are part of the Juggernaut Weightlifting Clinic staff and are committed to helping you improve your technique, choose the best exercise variations to help you improve and answer any questions you have to make you a better athlete and coach.

The staff at Juggernaut Seminars is unparalleled in their knowledge of training and competitive success.

The staff at Juggernaut Clinics is unparalleled in their knowledge of training and competitive success.

Strongman Clinics

Whether you’re a seasoned strongman vet or someone looking to try the events for the first time, Juggernaut Strongman Clinics are for you! With a coaching staff including World Strongest man veterans (Robert Oberst and Josh Thigpen), National Champions (Chad Wesley Smith and Maya Camille Winters) and more, we want to help you learn the events and how to implement them into your training to build total body explosive strength, power and endurance. Strongman training can build your strength and athleticism like no other type of training, so come and learn how you can use it to improve from the best!

Movement Clinics

Improved movement quality (mobility, stability, etc) is the fastest and easiest way to put pounds on the bar, get faster and more athletic. Ryan Brown, Dr. Quinn Henoch, Dr. Jason Reynolds and Dr. Reena Tenorio aren’t some therapists who want you to lift pink weights and balance on BOSU balls, they are real athletes and coaches who are helping high level clients in strength and team sports on a daily basis enhance their performance and well-being. Juggernaut Movement Clinics will teach you how to design effective warmups, improve your training, overcome common mobility issues and heal pain with easy to use breathing, mobility and stability drills.   Juggernaut Clinics will give you a small group environment to learn in. Receive individualized coaching and programming help from some of the strongest lifters in the World for only $125. 

Check out the schedule of upcoming Juggernaut Clinics…

  • Powerlifting – December 7th, 8am-12pm CrossFit Somers SOLD OUT
  • Powerlifting – December 7th 3pm-7pm CrossFit Milford SOLD OUT
  • Powerlifting – December 8th Lightning Fitness SOLD OUT
  • Weightlifting-January 11th, 12pm-4pm (CrossFit Tustin, SoCal)
  • Weightlifting-January 12th, 9am-1pm (Citizen CrossFit, SoCal)
  • Powerlifting-January 18th, 9am-1pm (John Madsen Performance, Salt Lake City)
  • Movement-January 18th, 9am-1pm (CrossFit San Gabriel Valley, SoCal)
  • Movement-January 19th, 9am-1pm (CrossFit Tustin, SoCal)
  • Weightlifting-February 1st, 9am-1pm (CrossFit Waco, Texas)
  • Powerlifting-February 15th, 9am-1pm (CrossFit San Gabriel Valley, SoCal)
  • Powerlifting-February 16th, 9am-1pm (CrossFit Tustin, SoCal)
  • Powerlifting-February 23rd, 9am-1pm (CrossFit East Valley, Phoenix)

Interested in hosting a Juggernaut Clinic at your facility? Email Chad@JTSstrength.com