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  • Strong360 Podcast-Blaine Sumner, Episode 3

    By Juggernaut | In Powerlifting, STRONG360 | on July 30, 2014

    Chad and Brandon talk with USAPL Raw Champion Blaine Sumner about his recent championship performance, how he recovers from such high workloads, powerlifting in the Olympics and more. Blaine has PRs of 882, 529 and 765 raw and dominated the 2014 USAPL Championships in winning the SHW Class and Best Lifter Overall. Blaine is also […]

  • Blaine Sumner – The Gorilla’s Jungle

    By Blaine Sumner | In Powerlifting, Squat | on July 5, 2014

    On June 22nd I competed at the USAPL Men’s National Championships in Philadelphia, PA. Going into this meet I had huge goals with full confidence I’d achieve them. I had a nearly impeccable 16 week training cycle leading up to the meet and was nearly 100% healthy with the exception of tweaking my L5-S1 disc […]

  • What are the first things players to Auburn do as part of the program? The first thing our incoming athletes do is go through a Functional Movement Screen and some performance testing. This will give us a pretty good idea where deficiencies are and what the common trends are. Common deficient areas are normally ankle […]

  • Deep Water: Squat Training

    By Juggernaut | In Squat | on May 19, 2014

    “Squatting for me is a spiritual experience.  Squatting isn’t just an exercise it is a place where I can lose myself and find myself all in one set. The squat is a movement to make  your whole body strong and if you do it right it will make you mentally strong. Squatting can put you […]

  • 5 Things That Are Holding Your Squat Back

    By Chad Smith | In Squat | on April 3, 2014

    Is your squat stagnant? Have you plateaued? Chances just some small adjustments to your training can help you break through your stagnation and hit some new PRs. Check out these 5 tips and get that squat moving again. 1. You Aren’t Jumping Great squatting requires great explosive power and nothing does that better than jumping. […]

  • The Cowboy Method

    By Chad Smith | In Training | on January 31, 2014

    Wanna squat more? Then you’ve gotta squat more! The Cowboy Method was born out of the Texas Method-I originally called this the Big Texas Method but The Cowboy Method is just catchier and Big Texas make me keep thinking about those cinnamon rolls you can buy in vending machines. The premise of The Cowboy Method […]

  • What’s Your Favorite Accessory Movement?

    By Juggernaut | In Powerlifting | on November 1, 2013

    First off, let’s get one thing straight, accessory movements are used AFTER the primary movement! You can’t just do squat, bench and dead variations are expect to kill it on the platform, you’ve gotta put your attention on the real thing. Accessory movements though are great to attack various weaknesses. Check out some of our […]

  • Pause Your Way To Bigger Lifts

    By Chad Smith | In Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting | on October 31, 2013

    Paused variations of any lift are great accessory movements to build the full lifts in the most specific manner possible. I say that these variations are the most specific because they are in fact the exact competition lift, just with a pause at some portion of it, thus they will have the highest transfer to […]

  • September’s Best

    By Juggernaut | In Deadlift, Diet, Endurance, Mobility, Powerlifting, Squat, Training | on October 6, 2013

    At Juggernaut we strive to bring you the highest quality content from athletes and coaches who are currently in the trenches, training hard and dominating at the highest levels. In case you missed some articles this month, we’ve got you covered with some of our favorites from the month of September! 1. The Clean Eating […]

  • Pillars of The Squat

    By Daniel Green | In Squat | on September 13, 2013

    Also check out Dan’s Pillars of the Deadlift Powerlifting meets may, popularly, not start till the bar hits the floor. But if you want to deadlift… and you want to pull to win… everything starts with the squat. For any athlete who would train to dominate his sport and opposition, the lower body power and […]

  • Squat 101

    By Chad Smith | In Squat | on September 4, 2013

    The squat is the foundational movement to strength and athletic development. For powerlifters, strongmen, weightlifters and CrossFit athletes, success begins in the squat rack; and for athletes looking to sprint faster, jump higher and move more powerfully-great squat mechanics and the strong hamstrings, glutes, quads and hips it develops are critical. Check out this tutorial […]

  • Dan Green on Knees in the Squat

    By Daniel Green | In Squat | on August 6, 2013

    Dan Green’s article West of Westside caused a big commotion in the training community. One of his points went largely misunderstood. Dan advocates an inward movement of the knees during the squat which is in stark contrast to many coaches technical cueing… 9. Knees out and back while squatting Where I’d always squatted with a […]

  • Build From the Ground Up

    By Ryan Brown | In Squat | on July 25, 2013

    ” I also have questions about training people using CF when you feel the person should be doing something more along the lines of what Jim does but that person doesn’t want to hear that or won’t accept it. I was wondering how you deal with all of that?” This is a question that I […]

  • Squat Tips and Cues from the Chicago Seminar

    By Juggernaut | In Squat | on June 19, 2013

    A few weeks ago, Team Juggernaut, held a 2 day seminar at Crossfit Chicago. It was an awesome event with athlete’s hitting PRs everywhere under the watchful eye of our coaching staff, including Brandon Lilly, Paul Carter, Eric Lilliebridge, Ernie Lilliebridge Sr, Ernie Lilliebridge Jr, Caitlyn Trout, Pete Rubish, Chad Wesley Smith and the greatest […]

  • Self Assessment and Constant Improvement

    By Blaine Sumner | In Powerlifting | on June 13, 2013

    In this strange world of Powerlifting, there are freaks who come out every year and set the sport on fire; then disappear as fast as they came in. A major reason many gifted lifters come and go so quickly is because the gains quit coming as easy. Some lifters can become world class in a […]

  • Building A Useful Squat

    By Jacob Tsypkin | In Squat | on May 22, 2013

    Amy likes to squat. I know this, because when I texted her asking if we could discuss her squat for a JTS article, her exact response was “I like squats.” Specifically, Amy likes to squat heavy and often, and it shows. She’s back squatted 305 and 290×4 (high bar, no belt, ass-to-grass) and front squatted […]

  • Get to Know Sam Byrd

    By Juggernaut | In Powerlifting | on April 19, 2013

    Sam Byrd is one of the greatest squatters of all time. With multiple World Records raw and in gear to his credit and a bodybuilder physique to match, Sam is a great addition to Team Juggernaut… Name: Sam Byrd Age: 31 City: Chattanooga, TN Height/Weight: 5’7″ 220 in competition, walk around at 230-235 PRs: Squat Raw 783 no wraps World […]

  • Strength in the Hole

    By Brandon Lilly | In Squat | on April 5, 2013

    Being focused on my raw training for the last year or better I have faced numerous challenges since taking off the gear. One of those major issues was lack of stopping power, and reversal power coming out of the hole on my squats. How can that be? You have squatted over 1000 lbs.? The gear […]

  • Happy Birthday Eric Lilliebridge

    By Juggernaut | In Powerlifting | on March 7, 2013

    Happy birthday to one of the strongest and most talented powerlifters in the World today! Team Juggernaut’s Eric Lilliebridge turns 23 years old today. Yes, you read that right, Eric Lilliebridge owner of the World Record raw w/ wraps squat in the 275s class (881 pounds) and a 2204 raw total, is only 23 years […]

  • Building Strength Out of the Hole

    By Chad Smith | In Squat | on March 5, 2013

    The hole will make or break you as a raw squatter. It is impossible to be a great squatter if you aren’t strong out of the hole. Being explosive in this portion of the lift will help carry you through any sticking points you may have. A combination of great strength in the legs, hips, […]

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