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Greg Panora

Greg grew up in small town Massachusettes and played football, wrestled, and threw shot in highschool. He was drawn into lifting because he had always admired physical strength and after watching Kaz, Ver Magnusson and seeing Dorian Yates, he was sold. Greg began competing at 19 and did 525, 435, 650 raw at his first contest weighing 213.

Greg’s dream had always been to  train at the legendary Westside Barbell in Columbus Ohio and after graduating from college with a degree in Secondary Ed/Social Studies he decided to put his life on hold and move out there. Greg’s total jumped from 2204 to a world record 2630 multi ply at 242 in 5 short years. After suffering from a massive stroke in 2010 Greg retired due to a loss of function in his right side. After a 3 year hiatus function had returned and Greg decided to start competing raw after reading JTS articles and finding new inspiration in Chad and Brandon. He has since totaled an RPS world record 2102 Raw without wraps.

Favorite Training Song

Anything Biggie and Tupac. Why couldn’t they just get along?

Favorite Food
Meatball and his girlfriend’s chocolate chip cookies

Favorite Quote
“Somebody may beat me, but they’re gonna have to bleed to do it”-Steve Prefontaine