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Cortney Batchelor

Cortney Batchelor is a 58kg Weightlifter out of Colorado Springs where she is in her third year as a resident athlete at the Olympic Training Center.  Batchelor won the USAW National Championship in 2014 where she swept all three golds in snatch, clean and jerk, and total.  In the same year Cortney was a Senior World Team member, Pan-American Team member, and University World Team member. In 2013 she was National Champion at 58kg, And made both Pan-American and Senior World teams.  Cortney was also Jr. National Champion and Jr. World Team member in 2011.  She has won 2 Collegiate National Championships as well.  

Cortney is currently pursuing her degree in Health Care Management.  She is originally from Mobile, Alabama where she played basketball in high school and graduated from Mcgill Toolen High School.


Favorite Training Song

Lady Gaga-Just Dance

Favorite Meal

Hot Dogs

Favorite Non Lifting Hobby