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Chad Wesley Smith is the owner/founder of Juggernaut Training Systems and one of the most accomplished strength athletes of recent years. With a background in track and field, Smith took his 2 collegiate national championships and continued his success in powerlifting and strongman.

In powerlifting, Smith owns current PRs of 435kg/959# squat with wraps, 380kg/848# squat in sleeves, 257.5kg/567# bench press and 367.5kg/810# deadlift, as well as Top 10 totals all-time with wraps and without at 1050kg/2314# and 1010kg/2226# respectively. Smith also earned his professional status in Strongman by a landslide victory at the 2012 North American Strongman Championships.

As a coach, Smith has helped over 50 athletes earn Division 1 athletic scholarships and worked with athletes in NFL, UFC, MLB and Olympics, as well as having numerous world-class powerlifters.

Squat w/ Wraps435959
Squat in Sleeves380848
Bench Press257.5567

Favorite Training Song
Mumford and Sons “Dustbowl Dance”

Favorite Movie
The Departed

Favorite TV
Show-Saved By The Bell, I live my life by the mantra “What Would Zach Morris Do?” Arrested Development, Breaking Bad.

Favorite Book
Season of Life by Jeffrey Marx

Favorite Quote
“I train everyday of my life as they have never trained a day in theirs.”-Alexander Karelin