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Powerlifting in Pearls: Bodybuilding and Dieting


Powerlifting in Pearls: Bodybuilding and Dieting

In my last blog post I was commenting about how I would be starting a bodybuilding training cycle for about 11 weeks along with a diet in order to lean out some and to put on some size, mostly on my upper body.  Why do this? In my last post I also mentioned that I have been injured .The injury is specifically my SI joint which is a joint that unfortunately takes longer to heal than most. I was looking at about two months heal time away from deadlifting but currently it has been 1 month and I look to be back to it in another week or so. The healing process has moved along more quickly than I had planned and this bodybuilding training cycle has allowed me to continue to train around my injury and stay in great shape. I have been about to continue squatting so I don’t believe that I will be losing very much strength if any at all. My form will probably just need checked at first but that will come back quickly.  I now fully plan on competing in November where I will make some noise, surprise some people, and take back the 123lb class Queen B status. Don’t doubt it!

Caitlyn is available for online training and nutrition counseling.

Caitlyn is available for online training and nutrition counseling.

So what does my training split look like right now ?  Currently it’s a 5 day split focusing on upper body for the most part and having 1 leg day per week until I am able to deadlift again (should be sometime next week).

The split goes as follows:

Sunday – Back thickness/calves

Monday _ Chest/triceps    – benching this day pl style.

Tuesday – off day

Wed – Legs / lower body  – I will squat on this day pl style.

Thursday – back thickness/ biceps/calves

Friday – shoulders/triceps

Saturday – off day

My diet right now is just a base diet where I wont go into too much detail but  but I pretty much eat 6 small meals a day  to keep my metabolism going with protein at all 6 meals and mixed with either a carb or green veggie sources in each , never both  and fats are kept low. So far I have lost 4lbs in 2 weeks and my size and strength are on point.  My training will switch up just a little after my back heals up but for now this is what I’m going with for the next week or so.

So in a nutshell, that’s what is going on at the moment. Keep checking back every other week to see how I progress! I’ll be posting videos and pictures of my progress shortly!

Caitlyn Trout is a fierce competitor in the raw powerlifting world. She ­is a graduate student at Eastern Kentucky University and is based ­ at Four Brother’s Gym in Mt. ­Vernon, KY ­ where she ­ achieved ­pro raw status within the 2 years of training. ­ Her best ­competition lifts ar­e 370/165/ ­385 at 122 ­ bodyweig­ht. Caitlyn’s squat ­of 370 and ­ overall total of 92­0 are the World Records in the ­ 123 weight class raw w/ wraps. This young ­athlete has a promising career ­ in front ­of her, as ­ she looks ­ to inspire females ­to pursue ­strength.

Caitlyn Trout

Caitlyn Trout is a fierce duel athlete in which she is a top ranked pro raw powerlifting competitor and NPC Figure athlete. In powerlifting she has previously held multiple All-Time World Records for both the 123/132lb weight classes. Current stats include:

  • 391lb squat, 380 dl , 175lb bench and 946 total at 123lbs raw.
  • 405lb squat, 410 dl, 205lb bench and 1020lb total at 132lbs raw.

In her daily life, Caitlyn works as a full-time medical based Speech-Language Pathologist in Eastern Kentucky.




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