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3 Common Mistakes in the Snatch


3 Common Mistakes in the Snatch

2013 USAW Champion in the Snatch and Team JTS athlete, Colin Burns, shows you 3 common mistakes in the Snatch.

The snatch is one of the most complex movements in all of sport and requires technical mastery to excel. Colin will show you how to correct…

-Bar floating away from your body off the floor

-Knocking the bar away from your body with your hips

-Flipping the bar over, instead of turning it over and driving yourself under


Colin Burns

Colin Burns is a resident athlete at the Olympic Training Center. He currently holds the American Record in the Snatch with a lift of 169kg. Burns won the 2014 USA Weightlifting National Championship and was a member of the Senior World Team. A USAW Sports Performance Coach and CSCS holder, Burns has served as a physical preparation coach for the US Olympic Training Center, University of Wisconsin Badgers football program and University of Michigan Olympic sports programs.

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