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By Juggernaut | In Training | on October 10, 2012

Check Out Dan’s Training Log Here

Name: Dan Green World Record holding powerlifter is the newest member of Team Juggernaut.

Age: 29

Height/Weight: 5’10” 235-245

Hometown: Mountain View, CA

Current City: Mountain View, CA

Years Training: 14

Years Competing: 6

PRs in relevant lifts/events: 

Squat: 760

Bench: 485

Sumo Dead: 835

Conv Dead: 765×2

Military Press: 315

Where you Train: Boss Barbell Club

Day Job: Strength Coach/Personal Trainer

What would be your personal theme song?: Too Short: Paystyle

“They say my rap’s too slow, but it bought these diamonds”

What got you into training/competing?

There was a bench in my junior high locker room… Arnold…

What is your athletic background?

Baseball, gymnastics

Who have been influential people in your life in regards to training, or just in general?

As far as lifting goes I’ve rarely accepted advice. I do like being self-taught but I’ve studied a lot of methodologies, spoken with lifters wherever i’ve been and analyzed the video footage of as many lifters as I could.

What are the greatest challenges you have faced from a training/competing standpoint?

I’ve always had great supporters between my fiancé, training partners and family. The biggest challenges but the most rewarding aspects of lifting have always revolved around technique mastery, programming for individual strengths and weaknesses and general mental fortitude to push on in the face of injuries and disappointing results and plateaus.

How do you structure you training going into a competition?

I like to focus on certain lifts which fit into a “strength phase” when I’m further out from a meet and then the actual exact competition lifts as a meet approaches in a “peaking phase”

What is your typical diet like?

Burritos and Oreos. Until I get closer to a meet and then I have to diet :( but then it’s moderate to high protein low to moderate fat intake and heavy regulation of carbs depending on my workout schedule.

What upcoming competitions do you have? What are your competitive goals for the next year?

Nov. 3–Supertraining Backyard Meet

Dec. 1–USPA West Coast Open

Feb. 23–Raw Unity Meet 6

Goals are just doing my personal best and enjoying all the training that goes into it

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in competing in what you do? Nobody is too weak to lift with stronger lifters just too weak not to get someone to help them learn proper technique from the outset

Any general thank you’s or products to look out for or anything else you want to say

Really I’m just excited that I get the feeling people really like true raw lifting. Gotta thank Mike Israetel who owns Renaissance Periodization. He designs my diet and insists I eat fewer Oreos. But it keeps me making weight without compromising strength. My fiancé cooks most of my food and supports everything I do. And of course all my training partners for their help with my training.

If you have a personal website/fan page/etc, list that here…

Still working on getting our web site up and running. It will be but for now my YouTube page is greenanddan and you can find me on FB.

Check Out Dan’s Training Log Here

Hifon smith
Hifon smith

Hey Dan my name is Hifon smith. I'm broke world record raw & 8 all time records a few months ago. My numbers r neck in neck with yours right as we speak. Check out my last meet at York barbell in York pa. I could gone higher but my coach felt comfortable with the numbers at the time because he wanted me to break all records until u came along . I did it raw. Check me out on YouTube beastmode Hifon smith. Like I said it was my first meet . I squated & deadlift recently 855 in my past. I just dead lift 760 conventional the same as u & did the same on squats . I'm just trying to go big with this . I weighed the se as u. In the past I've done some crazy shit like lunge 405 & squat 700 with no hands for reps..I'm just trying to get some recognition . My built the same as urs. Just check me out .. I train in Baltimore Maryland out of exile fitness in rosedale Maryland 21237. Hit me back bro . I would really appreciate it & look me up on FB

Hifon smith
Hifon smith

Hey dan my name is Hifon smith I'm a armature been lifting for the last 10 yrs. my numbers r right with u . Check me out on YouTube. . Beastmode Hifon smith. I want to become pro .. That meets was my first . I squated. & deadlift 800 some ibs in deadlift & squat. My highest was 855 in both.. I'm trying to go big with this . My weight is the same as urs. I just want to break it big. I use to a whole bunch of crazy shit like lunge 405 & no hand squat 700 for reps.. I'm just trying to get some recognition . I train at a in Maryland called exile fitness . Hit me back bro I really appreciate. We r two of a kind . Thanks Dan

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